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Mushers's Life in Whitehorse Yukon
Since 1987

Susie and Hans:

Life with sled dogs

Gattsled is owned by Hans Gatt. Each sled is built entirely by Hans, by order for each customer. He talks to each musher about their goals and preferences before settling on which sled to build and exactly how to build it.

The designs of Gatt Sleds are based on 30 years of racing at the top level in all of the formats of sled dog racing including sprint, stage, mid distance and long distance. Hans has won multiple races at the highest level of competition in each category of racing, (World Championship Open Class, Wyoming Stage Stop 4x, Copper Basin, Yukon Quest 4x); and finished the Iditarod 16x including a 2nd and 3rd place finish and other top ten finishes.

Hans started building sleds for himself the first year he began racing. They have evolved as he developed, tested and adopted new ideas during his racing career. The sleds are built to win, using a light weight, tough, and fast design. Hans tries to keep the sleds as simple as possible while still having everything that is required for top performance. The end result is effective and efficient, and is a great sled driving experience.

Gatt Sleds are built with precision, using only top quality components.

Most recently, Hans ran the 2019 Yukon Quest and finished second after an 8 year break. Hans lives in Whitehorse, Yukon with Susie Rogan and their 55 dogs, and enjoys dirt bike riding with friends as a primary hobby aside from running dogs.


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