Top of the line dogsleds built in the Yukon
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Prices in Canadian Dollars


Gatt Pull Down Seat  $295:  The very popular pull down seat designed in 2008 is an enormous improvement over the old t-bar model. The seat pops up on its own when not being used. Effective for resting, stable and strong enough to sit on while double poling.

Gatt Snow Hook $165:  T1 Steel

Aluminium Runners:  $565 for 8 foot light weight (standard);  $590 for 8 or 9 foot heavy weight.  Gatt runners are Tim White Matrax QCR System 7075 aircraft aluminium, made with two customized bends for Gattsleds.  They are color anodized to prevent oxidation.

Runner Plastic $58 per set: Tim White QCR and QCR Plus  Various colors to match temperatures.

Sled Bags:  $375 plus or minus. Price depends on sled model, any customization, and whether delivery is within USA.  Bags are made by Kondos Outdoors to Hans's specifications on his sleds.  They are not the standard Kondos sled bag.  Feel free to order directly from Kondos, they have Gattsled patterns on file.  If you are having difficulty, contact us to help with your order, if you own a Gattsled. We do not upcharge on the sled bags.


Drag Mat including arms and hardware: $165
Drag Mat plastic arms only: $45 per set
Extra carbide snow machine studs for drag mat: $6 each

Brake Bar Claw Tips only: Grade 8 Bolt tips $6/pair; Carbide tips $20/pair
Brake Claws with carbide tips included $85 per pair
Brake Bar assembly made from 7075 colour anodized aluminium with teflon bushings, including claws, carbide tips and two bungee cords: $185
Various Sled Brackets $15 to $20 each
Extra pins for the runner plastic: $5 each

Replacement Plastic for Gatt snow hook holder (UMHW plastic piece only) $35
Gatt snow hook holder entire assembly (crossbar, brackets, plastic, etc, generally for sleds that never had this snow hook holder on them before) $135

Plastic bed from $95 to $125 
Plastic nose $ 150

These are the most commonly requested parts.  Other parts are available which are not listed. Contact Hans if you do not see the part you are looking for listed.  867-668-2703 or gattsled@hotmail.com


Hans Shop hours: $85 per hour.

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