Top of the line dogsleds built in the Yukon
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New for 2014:  

In the winter of 2013, Hans collaborated with tour operators to apply his skills to designing and building Tour Sleds.  Two Gattsled tour models are now available.  One model is for passengers and one is for guests who drive their own sleds.  The Passenger sled is available in three sizes, for one, two or three seated guests.


 The Passenger series of Tour sleds feature the same colour anodized aircraft aluminium runners,  dragmat, brake bar and brush bow as the race sleds.  All other structural parts are made from white ash or red oak.

 The Passenger Sled comes in three sizes:  one seat, 2 seat, and 3 seat.  Pictured above is the 2 seat.  The tour guide stands on the back to steer and operate the brake.

 These sleds have the guest comfortably seated with wide foot boards beneath them.

 2 Seat:   Runners 96”     Price $2895

 Solo Sled

 Hans designed this sled for guests who drive their own sleds. The sled is based on the Gatt Mid Distance Racing sled but has some carefully thought out modifications for use by tourists. The side-to-side flexibility is adjustable and can be turned up or down to match the stability and skill of the musher.  Generally, a less confident and less skilled musher will feel more secure with a stiffer sled. However, the more flexible sled is easier to manuever and more fun to drive and allows a more talented tourist musher to run better in complicated trails.  This sled also has an adjustable handle bar height for multiple users.

 Price $2790  + $375 sled bag

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